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From initial pursuit and documentation through to bid response, design, content and review, our team can assist you. We take the time pressure and complication out of resourcing your tender opportunities.
Focusing on full content proposal creation and aligning this to your strategy when responding on your behalf. From writing to review, development of bid libraries and dictionaries through to strategic development plans for growing your business and industry sectors, we consult with your teams to gain winning outcomes. 
Our extensive knowledge includes, but is not limited to; Defence, Infrastructure, Local Government, State Government, Federal Government, Health, Building and more.

Pursuit Consultation

Gaining knowledge from clients is key, ahead of any tender coming to market. Our services undertake a custom designed deep dive process into your clients, and what their key drivers are, and what success looks like to them. 
Weighing up your true competition for the opportunity you are pursuing is the key to your winning success, and allows you to develop a unique strategy that resonates. 
Short listed and getting an edge to push further towards your win, allows you the opportunity to develop an outline of how you can best represent your wares and why they are the perfect fit. And we can help you back this up with strong visuals created through our design services, as we prepare you and your team for you upcoming client Q&A Session

Development Training

With custom built training programs that allow your team to become overly curious about your clients, whilst learning and developing their business development and client services skills, allows you to gain a strong edge against your competition. 
Our trainers help you discover how your business intelligence can leverage you into the markets and clients that you wish to partner with. Leveraging our research base  - our team of highly skilled experts, allows you to increase your businesses self awareness. 
And to round this out, your team will become stronger when it comes to persuasion and influencing skills, whilst keeping clients front of mind.

Custom Created For You

Each of our clients have unique requirements, challenges and needs, and we totally understand this. We work with our clients to help them break down their barriers to gain strong outcomes. 
Adapting our approach to achieve a desired outcome is at the core of our consulting offering. Leveraging our team of experts when it comes to digital and technology, custom creating training, process improvement, resource library design - collation - build - management, resources and modules that allow individuals to grow are on offer and a lot more. Talk to us today.

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